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Upcoming Webinars
Collapse How Social Justice Fuels Philanthropy

Philanthropy and its essential partner, fund development,  are glorious marvels but they raise some concerns.  For example: raising money to fight for justice, not just compensating for injustice. Excessive focus on big donors and major gifts - ignoring gifts of all sizes from diverse donors. It's past time for empowerment, democratizing philanthropy, and producing justice.  This webinar is about thinking in a new way. 


At the conclusion of this session, participants will:


  • Understand the distinction between social justice/social change philanthropy and traditional philanthropy.
  • Begin pondering the ethics of access in fundraising.
  • Question the "moral dilemma" of philanthropy.
  • Think beyond strategies and tactics and explore the underpinnings of philanthropy and fund development; the fundamental why of our work; the possible ethical and moral conflicts of our work


About the presenter:


Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE, Adv Dip is described as “one of the most thoughtful, inspirational, and provocative leaders in the philanthropic sector.” A consultant specializing in fund development, strategic planning, and board development, Simone guides countless organizations and professionals through her consulting and coaching, teaching and writing. She works with all types and sizes of nonprofits, speaks at conferences worldwide, and teaches in the graduate program for philanthropy at Saint Mary’s University, in Minnesota, USA.


Her books Keep Your Donors, Strategic Fund Development, and Firing Lousy Board Members all receive rave reviews. Simone has also contributed to several other books. She writes for the Nonprofit Quarterly, blogs weekly as Simone Uncensored, and publishes a monthly e-news.


As a volunteer, Simone founded the Women’s Fund of Rhode Island, a social justice organization. She regularly serves on boards. Currently she chairs the Advisory Board of the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at Plymouth University in the U.K. And, she chairs the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood of Southern New England. Simone and her life partner have bequeathed their entire estate to charity. Visit her at



Formats Available: Webinar (Single), Download (Group), Download (Single), Webinar & Download , Webinar (Group)
Original Program Date: June 13, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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Collapse The Future of Fundraising:  How Digital Technologies and Strategies Will Create Your Next Gen Development Operation

Digital Fundraising has made its way into the development programs of hundreds of philanthropies across the country. In concert with the rise in online events such as Giving Days and crowdfunding, digital fundraising has become a critical channel for all non-profit organizations, large and small. We will explore the elements of a next generation development office, from a technology and strategy perspective.


At the conclusion of this session, participants will learn:


  1. Takeaway actionable steps to start and grow a digital fundraising program
  2. Identify areas for growth in the industry, digital communication, stewardship, and major donor identification
  3. Hear case studies from some of the country's best digital fundraisers


About the presenters:


Michael Greenberg is the Senior Executive VP of Ruffalo Noel Levitz, the Founder of ScaleFunder, and a current leading expert in crowdfunding for higher education. ScaleFunder revolutionized online giving in higher education and is now the leading custom philanthropic crowdfunding solution in the United States with more than 70 partner institutions.


As vice president of business development for ScaleFunder, Gregory Ware focuses on client development and acquisition.  Before joining ScaleFunder Gregory was at UCLA, where he was the director of business partnerships and special projects for UCLA's corporate, foundation and research relations department. He was responsible for project management, business analysis and lead generation. He managed a multimillion-dollar corporate partnership portfolio, which included many Fortune 500 clients.  Before UCLA, Gregory worked at the trendy telecommunications provider, Boost Mobile, as the entertainment marketing coordinator for the film, television, music and sports departments.

Formats Available: Webinar (Single), Download (Group), Download (Single), Webinar & Download , Webinar (Group)
Original Program Date: June 28, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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Collapse Nonprofit Videos (on a Budget) that Engage and Retain Donors

Up until recently, high-quality video production has been a luxury available only to the largest nonprofits.  Now, even the smallest charity on a budget can create a compelling and authentic video that moves the needle for their fundraising goals.

In this webinar, we will make recommendations for crafting an effective, integrated and low-cost video strategy resulting in content that will resonate with your donors, volunteers and other stakeholders.

At the conclusion of this session participants will: 

  • Discover how to create an in-depth strategy based on your nonprofit's diverse audiences
  • Determine which equipment and technology is best for your organization's needs
  • Learn how to solicit and leverage crowdsourced content
  • Understand how to best utilize web video platforms and social networks like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and Vine for distributing content


About the presenter:


Steven Shattuck is VP of Marketing at Bloomerang, which helps nonprofit organizations to reach, engage and retain the advocates they depend on to achieve their vision for a better world.


Steven spent the first five years of his career at an integrated communications agency, producing fundraising videos and other digital content for organizations like Butler University, the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, the Domestic Violence Network, the Adoption Support Center, the American Heart Association and CICOA.


He honed his digital marketing skills at two Indianapolis tech firms before returning to the nonprofit sector as Bloomerang’s marketing lead. Steven hosts Bloomerang TV, a weekly video podcast that interviews fundraisers and consultants in the nonprofit sector.

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Original Program Date: July 11, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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Collapse Strategic Doing:  Making Plans that Impact

Tired of talking about strategic planning and ready to move on to the next step? Learn how to transform that strategic plan tome that sits on your bookshelf into something you'll actually use. Through this session, learn how to simplify the strategic planning process so that your organization can finally focus on action and impact.


Through this session, participants will:


  1. Explore the idea of strategic planning for impact
  2. Learn how to develop measurable goals and track progress
  3. Discover the importance of continuous improvement
  4. Develop practical application for everyday success


About the presenter:


Benjamin Mohler, ACFRE, has a keen interest in understanding the connection between culture and the practice of philanthropy in all cultures and particularly those in the developing world. His experiences working with international nonprofit organizations, extensive international travel, together with his graduate work at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and leadership roles with local nonprofits combine to produce his expertise in these areas.


Currently, he is the Assistant Vice President for Major and Planned Gifts at Eastern Kentucky University. He has served as the Vice President of Membership for the Charlotte Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). Mohler currently serves AFP at an international level as a longstanding member of the AFP International Development Committee and chairs the Publishing Advisory Committee for the AFP Fund Development Series of John Wiley & Sons.

Formats Available: Webinar (Single), Download (Group), Download (Single), Webinar & Download , Webinar (Group)
Original Program Date: July 27, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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Collapse Engage Your Board in Fundraising

In the small shop, fundraising can be a big job. Having a Board that is involved in raising money can make a huge impact and help you raise hundreds of thousands more than you can do alone. Unfortunately, many nonprofit organizations struggle with Boards that are well-meaning but reluctant and inexperienced in fundraising. In this training, we'll uncover the reasons why Board members won't help with fundraising and how to overcome them. You'll learn how to match up the right fundraising activities with the right Board members, and how to give them the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to succeed.  You'll get tips for holding them accountable and for providing them the support they need so they can help you raise big money.


At the conclusion of this session, participants will:


  1. Understand why Board members shy away from fundraising.
  2. Know the tools, skills, and knowledge Board members need to be successful, and how to provide them.
  3. Identify the 4 steps elements of engaging Board members in fundraising, and how to work with them regularly.
  4. Have a clear idea of what to do next to move their Board in the right direction.


About the presenter:


Sandy Rees, CFRE and founder of GetFullyFunded, helps nonprofit leaders raise the money of their dreams. She’s shown dozens of Founders and Executive Directors how to add 6 and 7 figures to their bottom line and how to turn their Board into a fundraising machine.


Sandy is an accomplished author and has written several books, including “Get Fully Funded: How to Raise the Money of Your Dreams,” “6 Figure Fundraising” and “Simple Success Fundraising Plan.” She writes the blog “Get Fully Funded” and her articles appear in a variety of magazines, ezines and blog sites.

Formats Available: Webinar (Single), Download (Group), Download (Single), Webinar & Download , Webinar (Group)
Original Program Date: August 09, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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Collapse Corporations and What They Want in Today

"I haven't met you before, but how about a million dollars?" An outrageous ask, right?  And perhaps a bit of an exaggeration.  But why do fundraisers, who approach major donors so carefully feel it's ok to zing asks like this on potential corporate partners?  Approaching companies effectively means understanding what they value and what they want and need, just like that major donor you're cultivating.  In this session, you'll hear insights from a Corporate Social Responsibility professional who is on the receiving end of asks and, moreso, what companies value in today's competitive work world.  With this insight, you'll be better equipped to approach potential partners to work with your organization in new ways (hint: it's not just about the money).


At the conclusion of this session, participants will:


  1. Be familiar with the common mistakes fundraisers make when asking companies for money (so they can avoid that)
  2. Understand what companies care about today (purpose, culture, employee engagement)
  3. Be thinking bigger and more creatively about how to approach a company about a partnership


About the presenter:


Rachel Hutchisson is Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy of Blackbaud, Inc., where she is responsible for global corporate social responsibility (CSR).  She brings a strong understanding of corporate marketing and experience in internal communications, corporate culture, and employee relations to her role, having grown professionally within Blackbaud as it matured from start up to an established public company.  Rachel serves on the Board of Directors of the Giving Institute, providers of the annual Giving USA study, the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Learning to Give and the Coastal Community Foundation.




Formats Available: Webinar (Single), Download (Group), Download (Single), Webinar & Download , Webinar (Group)
Original Program Date: August 31, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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Collapse The 5 Things You Need to Know to Run a Successful Monthly Giving Program

This practical how-to session led by two experts in monthly giving will equip you to start, or continue to grow, a successful monthly giving program for your organization. Filled with helpful tips and action-oriented ideas you can start using right away, you will learn how to plan, implement, monitor and improve any monthly giving program.


At the conclusion of this session, participants will know:


  • The best channels for recruiting monthly donors
  • Best practices for communicating with monthly donors in order to boost their retention and long-term value
  • Effective strategies for recovering donors whose gifts decline
  • The best ways to upgrade gift levels
  • The key metrics you need to track in order to ensure long-term success. 


About the presenters:


Harvey McKinnon is recognized as one of North America’s leading fundraising experts. He has authored four books, two on monthly giving: Hidden Gold, Tiny Essentials to Monthly Giving and his latest book, The 11 Questions Every Donor Asks, has received rave reviews. He co-authored the #1 bestseller The Power of Giving, which has been translated into seven languages. Harvey’s company, Harvey McKinnon Associates, has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for clients ranging from Amnesty International and Oxfam, to many hospitals and food banks. Harvey sits on a number of boards and speaks at conferences around the world, and is considered a world leader on monthly giving. He has wrote the first book on this highly lucrative area, which each year raises billions of dollars for non-profits. "Hidden Gold" and "Tiny: Essentials of Monthly Committed Giving". His best-selling book, "The 11 Questions Every Donor Asks" is used as a training manual for fundraising departments throughout the US and Canada from United Ways to the San Diego Zoo.


Rosemary Oliver, CFRE, has been the fundraising director for the English branch of Amnesty International in Canada since 1999. Prior to that, she was the fundraising director at Greenpeace Canada for seven years and has also worked with Oxfam and a small multicultural hospital. With 30 years in fundraising, Rosemary has a broad range of experience with specific expertise in monthly giving and grassroots major gifts and legacies. She’s passionate about creating donor communications strategies that boost retention and increase donor life-time value.

Formats Available: Webinar (Single), Download (Group), Download (Single), Webinar & Download , Webinar (Group)
Original Program Date: September 12, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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Collapse Relationship Fundraising - Where Do We Go From Here?

This webinar presents the key findings from a comprehensive review of the theory underpinning relationships fundraising.  It presents the most relevant current thinking from marketing and social psychology and explores how it might be applied to fundraising. It also reveals what leading practitioners in the project's advisory group think are the biggest challenges facing this mode of fundraising.


At the conclusion of this session, participants will:


1.Understand how current academic theory supports the notion of relationship building

2.Identify some key concepts that could be applied to your fundraising

3.Assess your relationships with colleagues and other stakeholders in light of the challenges identified by the advisory group to determine if you could improve your fundraising by improving these relationships.


* This session is eligible for 1 hour of ACFRE Management or Ethics credit.  


About the presenters:


Adrian Sargeant is Professor of Fundraising and Director of the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy at the University of Plymouth in the U.K. He is also a Visiting Professor of Fundraising at Avila University in the United States and the Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Adrian has received many awards for his services to the profession, notably being named to the prestigious Nonprofit Times Power and Influence List in the United States in 2010. In the UK he also received a Civil Society Award for his Outstanding Contribution to Fundraising.


Ian MacQuillin is director of Rogare, the fundraising think tank at Plymouth University, where he edits the Critical Fundraising blog and is studying for a PhD, exploring the fundamental drivers of stakeholder objections to fundraising. He has worked in fundraising since 2001, as editor of Professional Fundraising, account director at TurnerPR, and head of communications at the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association, all in the UK






Formats Available: Webinar (Single), Download (Group), Download (Single), Webinar & Download , Webinar (Group)
Original Program Date: September 20, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
PurchasePurchase Relationship Fundraising - Where Do We Go From Here?
Collapse Understanding How and Why Millennials Give

So much has been written about this generation of 80 million that will shape the future of philanthropy. But personal preferences and experiences with the generation doesn't mean that is the way this generation wants to give to your organization. This session will review the latest research and findings from the Millennial Impact Project, a comprehensive study of Millennial cause engagement since 2009. In addition, the presenters will offer case studies of successful Millennial fundraising campaigns and ideas for your organization.


At the conclusion of this session, participants will: 


  1. Understand the motivations behind Millennial giving.
  2. Understand how Millennials engage peers in campaigns.
  3. Understand how technology impacts millennial giving.
  4. Understand what donor-centeredÂť and stewardshipÂť mean when working with millennial donors.
  5. Learn the rightÂť questions to ask when exploring millennial giving for your organization. 


* This session is eligible for 1 hour of ACFRE Management credit. 


About the presenters:


Derrick Feldmann is the lead researcher and creator of the Millennial Impact Project, a multi-year study of how the next generation supports causes. The annual Millennial Impact Report is cited regularly by such outlets as Forbes, TIME, Wall Street Journal and Fast Company.  Derrick is the author of Social Movements for Good and the co-author of the book Cause for Change: The Why and How of Nonprofit Millennial Engagement. He is a regular contributor to Philanthropy News Digest and the Huffington Post IMPACT channel. He is on the Leadership Faculty of the Points of Light Corporate Institute and a guest lecturer for the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University.



Michelle Cline joined Carey Business School in March of 2015. She previously served as Director of Planned Giving at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. A former attorney, Michelle is an active member of the Board of Governors and the Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund Committee for the American Bar Association. Michelle received her bachelor’s degree in animal sciences from The Ohio State University and her law degree from Ohio Northern University. She is also currently pursuing her LL.M. in taxation.




Formats Available: Webinar (Single), Download (Group), Download (Single), Webinar & Download , Webinar (Group)
Original Program Date: September 29, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
PurchasePurchase Understanding How and Why Millennials Give
Collapse Three Steps to a Fantastic Board Retreat

Are you planning a board retreat but not quite sure what to include on the agenda? Have you had board retreats before where board members walk away without a plan or next steps?  Are you considering whether or not to hire an outside facilitator? Not sure how to provide fundraising training to your board members? If so, this webinar will walk you through the 3 essential steps to having a fantastic board retreat, so your board members walk away energized, rejuvenated, and ready to help raise funds!


At the conclusion of this session, participants will:


  • Learn how to draft a fantastic agenda, including ice breakers, strategic planning, and fundraising training.
  • Ensure your board members walk away from your retreat with an action plan for engaging in fundraising and advocacy.
  • Understand the pros and cons of using an outside facilitator.
  • Learn new strategies and exercises for engaging your board members in fundraising.


About the presenter:


Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE is an author, speaker, trainer and consultant, as well as the owner of Tri Point Fundraising, a full-service consulting firm for nonprofit organizations. Before creating Tri Point Fundraising in 2008, she served for more than ten years in the nonprofit sector as director of development in large and small nonprofit organizations, where she raised millions of dollars through capital and annual campaigns, direct mail, major and planned gift solicitations, fundraising events, and writing grants.  Her published books include: Major Gift Fundraising for Small Shops, Raising More with Less, and 50 A$ks in 50 Weeks. She is a frequent speaker at national and local conferences as well as at staff and board retreats on a variety of topics, and loves the opportunity to energize your board and staff members around fundraising. She became an AFP certified Master Trainer in 2009.


Amy currently serves as the president of the board of the Association of Fundraising Professionals - New Jersey Chapter.  She received her Master's Degree in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management from the Wagner Graduate School at New York University and her Bachelor's Degree from Douglass College at Rutgers University. She became a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) in 2004 and received her advanced certification, ACFRE, in 2013. She graduated from Leadership New Jersey in 2011. Please be in touch through her website at:

Formats Available: Webinar (Single), Download (Group), Download (Single), Webinar & Download , Webinar (Group)
Original Program Date: October 11, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
PurchasePurchase Three Steps to a Fantastic Board Retreat
Collapse Building a Holistic Approach to Grant Seeking

Join Cynthia M. Adams, CEO of GrantStation, and Monique Hanson, Chief Development Officer of NPR, in this fast-paced, information packed webinar on how to build a grant seeking program for your organization. Drawing on decades of experience, our presenters will provide practical advice, suggest processes you may want to adopt, and guide you toward developing a grant seeking program that will change the financial future for your organization


At the end of this session participants will understand how:


  1. To adopt a consistent process for undertaking your grants research 
  2. To determine how to generate a grants strategy for a particular program or project


About the presenters:


Cynthia Adams is President and CEO of Grantstation.  She has spent the past 40 years helping nonprofit organizations raise the money needed to do their good work. Many of her early efforts centered on raising funds to set aside wilderness areas in Alaska. In 1990 she started her first company, the Alaska Funding Exchange. This endeavor served as the testing ground for a national company, GrantStation, which opened its Internet doors in the fall of 2001. Cindy built this business because she believes that grantseeking requires a thorough understanding of the variety and scope of grantmakers and sound knowledge of the philanthropic playing field. Her life's work has been to level that playing field, creating an opportunity for all nonprofit organizations to access the wealth of grant opportunities across the U.S. and throughout the world.


Monique Hanson joined NPR in October 2012 in the role of Chief Development Officer. In this capacity, she leads NPR's fundraising programs including major and planned giving, and foundation grants, which taken together are the company's third- largest source of revenue. A development professional with more than two decades of experience, Hanson came to NPR after serving as Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer for YMCA of the USA, one of the largest social service non-profits in the country.  Prior to her work with the YMCA, Hanson served in leadership positions for the Alzheimer's Association and other educational and cultural organizations.

Formats Available: Webinar (Single), Download (Group), Download (Single), Webinar & Download , Webinar (Group)
Original Program Date: October 24, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
PurchasePurchase Building a Holistic Approach to Grant Seeking
Collapse The Importance and Opportunity of Diversity and Inclusiveness in Fundraising

Diversity is the seeking and achieving of a broad representation of experiences, perspectives, opinions and cultures. Inclusiveness is an essential source of vitality and strength for the effective pursuit of an organization's mission. Join three diversity-focused fundraisers for a discussion about the importance of, and opportunities provided by, inclusion in the charitable sector. 


 At the end of this session participants will understand:


  1. The relationship and differences between "diversity" and "inclusion."
  2. How diverse communities are influencing and reshaping the ways we build relationships with donors and volunteers.
  3. Strategies for cross-cultural fundraising and reaching out to diverse donors.


*This session is eligible for 1 hour of ACFRE Leadership or Ethics credit.


About the presenters:


Anne Brennan, who is legally blind, is the director of development for the Triangle Radio Reading Service (TRRS), a service for the blind and print impaired based in Raleigh, NC.  A native New Yorker, she is a graduate of Russell Sage College where she earned a B.S. in Psychology and Public Service with a concentration in Health Administration.   Anne's nonprofit career spans three plus wonderful decades serving in the disability services arena, hospital foundation, education, food banking, social service, medical membership association management and nonprofit management consulting.  She is a great advocate for people with disabilities and works passionately toward making accessibility for people with all types of handicaps the best that it can be.


Gina M.  Flores is the Senior Advancement Officer for the Smithsonian Latino Center, guiding the unit’s development efforts and involvement in the Smithsonian Campaign.  She also works closely with the Smithsonian National Latino Board (SNLB). Ms. Flores comes to the Smithsonian from the National Council of La Raza where she managed their corporate development efforts.   Prior to NCLR, Ms. Flores was an executive recruiter at Isaacson, Miller; promoted Latino outreach at the American Red Cross National Headquarters; and worked in program management at the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. In 2004, she participated in the Smithsonian James E. Webb fellowship program for minority business and public administration students.  


Krishan Mehta is Executive Director, Campaign at Ryerson University. Previously, he held a variety of senior fundraising, alumni and marketing roles at Seneca College and the University of Toronto. Krishan is also an instructor in Ryerson’s fundraising management program and a PhD candidate at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education where he is conducting research on the philanthropy of high net-worth immigrants in Canada. He serves as President-Elect of the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter and was co-chair of AFP Diversity to Inclusion Series, which was the first phase of this exciting inclusion initiative in Ontario. Krishan is an active volunteer in the community, having served as board chair at the Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention, and advancement chair and board member at Social Planning Toronto. Currently, he is a member of the Working Women’s Community Centre Patron’s Council.



Formats Available: Webinar (Single), Download (Group), Download (Single), Webinar & Download , Webinar (Group)
Original Program Date: November 07, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
PurchasePurchase The Importance and Opportunity of Diversity and Inclusiveness in Fundraising
Collapse High Net Worth Donors

The 2016 U.S. Trust® Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy examines giving patterns, priorities and attitudes of America's wealthiest households. Since 2006, this biennial study has been written and researched in partnership with the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. The largest, longest running series of its kind, the study is an important barometer for wealthy donors' charitable engagement and viewpoints, offering valuable insights that inform the strategies of their peers, nonprofit professionals, charitable advisors, and others.


At the end of this session participants will:


  1.  Hear the latest data on America's wealthiest donors
  2. Be given strategies on how to apply that data to the fundraising needs of their respective nonprofit organizations.  


About the presenter:  


Claire Costello is the National Philanthropic Practice Executive for Philanthropic Solutions at U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management.  Ms. Costello is a recognized expert in philanthropy. Her reputation results from her involvement with a variety of non-profit ventures and her extensive work assisting high-net-worth individuals and families in identifying and fulfilling their philanthropic ambitions. She supports clients in making a broad range of philanthropic decisions concerning the implementation and execution of their giving strategies and is responsible for providing thought leadership and identifying best practices for both philanthropic families and nonprofit institutions.  Previously, Ms. Costello founded and managed the Citigroup Private Bank global Philanthropic Advisory Service. She also practiced law as a litigator in both the public and private sectors, prior to which she clerked in the U.S. District Court.


Formats Available: Webinar (Single), Download (Group), Download, Webinar & Download , Webinar (Group)
Original Program Date: November 29, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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Collapse State of the Sector Review and 2017 Forecast

The amount of data, surveys, research and reports about fundraising and the nonprofit sector is both vast and dizzying.  Fundraisers barely have enough time to take a step back and see how their own fundraising is faring, much less scan the sector for key trends to get a sense of the big picture.  This webinar, pulls together the data from AFP's annual State of the Sector report and puts it into a conversational framework, highlighting the key trends and ideas of 2016 and also forecasts what to be looking out for in 2017. 


At the end of this session participants will:

  1. Be familiar with what the trends and highlights were for the industry in 2016
  2. Based on this data have a sense of what will be trending in 2017.  


About the presenter:


Andrew Watt, FInstF, is president and chief executive officer of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), representing individuals and organizations that raise more than $100 billion in charitable contributions every year around the world for countless causes. Named president in 2011, he has worked for the nonprofit community since the early 1990s. In his role, Andrew leads the association's professional staff based in three offices (Arlington, Va.; Toronto, Ontario and Mexico City, D.F.) and serves on the board of directors for AFP, the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy and the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy Canada.

Andrew views nonprofits as a critical interface between the public and government and is an outspoken advocate and champion for philanthropy on Capitol Hill, in the Canadian Parliament and other legislatures around the world. He has been appointed to the IRS Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt Organisations (ACT) and has served on the Public Policy Committee of Independent Sector since 2012. 

From 1993 - 2005, Andrew was employed by the Institute of Fundraising in the United Kingdom, a professional membership organization for fundraising professionals, ultimately as deputy chief executive.  In 2006, he was made an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Fundraising in recognition of his extraordinary service to the profession. He joined AFP as vice president for international development in 2006 and was promoted to chief programs officer in 2008.

Andrew has served as both a volunteer and board member of many nonprofit organizations. He sits on the board of the National Philanthropic Trust  UK and is currently chairman of the American Friends of Winchester College. He was an adjunct faculty member of St. Mary's University of Minnesota from 2007 -  2012 where he taught on the globalization of philanthropy.

Mark Hrywna has been with the Nonprofit Times since 2005, where he's become a sucker for stories about nonprofit governance, transparency and finances.  His penchant for spreadsheets makes the annual NPT 100 report akin to Christmas morning, spread out over several months.  Before joining NPT, Mark was in charge of about a dozen weekly newspapers in suburban New Jersey - where he's lived his entire life with the exception of a four-year sojourn in central New York to earn a bachelor's degree from the State University of New York-Oswego.

Formats Available: Webinar (Single), Download (Group), Download (Single), Webinar & Download , Webinar (Group)
Original Program Date: December 05, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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Collapse Cold Calling and Prospecting for Development Officers

Reach any prospect. Billionaires, your top prospects that haven't been successfully engaged. Philanthropists who everyone calls. You can get those crucial first meetings that make or break major campaigns. This is very unique and hard to find training taught by a 30 year development veteran who still cold calls everyday. Learn to engage your HNW prospects that every other development officer wants to sit down with.


About the presenter:

Armando Zumaya has been in fundraising for 30 years in a variety of roles that have given him a unique perspective on development offices, prospecting and role of prospect research/management. 

He has spent the bulk of his fundraising career as a Major Gift, Leadership Gifts and Annual Fund Officer on two $1+ billion dollar campaigns at Cornell University and the University of California, Berkeley. He began his career in 1985 as a canvasser for SANE/FREEZE in Los Angeles and Ithaca N.Y. where he led door to door canvassers in the field for 5 years.  He has served in the Vice President of Development, Director of Major Gifts and Chief Development Officer roles. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Development at the Mexican Museum of San Francisco.

Most notably, he served as the Director of Development at the San Francisco Opera for over 2 years where he directed the refurbishment of their major and planned giving efforts. He proudly served as the Director of External Relations at the Springboard Schools. He lectures at AFP, AFP Hemispheric, APRA, APRA Chapters,CARA, MARC, Compass Point, Blackbaud, Forum on Fundraising, The Foundation Center and Academic Impressions.


Formats Available: Webinar (Single), Download (Group), Download (Single), Webinar & Download , Webinar (Group)
Original Program Date: December 13, 2016
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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AFP Webinar
On-Demand Collection

Since its inception, AFP's Audioconference Series has provided a rare opportunity to learn from and interact with the experts in fundraising. We are pleased to offer the AFP On-Demand Webinar Collection, an archive of select sessions that make up a valuable contribution to the body of knowledge in fundraising. In order to preserve important presentations, AFP has created this program collection that will make these sessions available wherever you are – online and on demand.

The recorded sessions, complete with handouts, include such topics as annual fund campaigns, major gift fundraising, stewardship, board development, donor demographics and communication – just to name a few.
  • You can access the download from your computer or order the CD package
  • Earn continuing education points toward CFRE certification/recertification
  • Sessions on the topics you want, when you want them!

AFP Webinar On-Demand Collection

Purchase a recording of a past webinars from our extensive library of archives.

AFP Refund Policy for Education Programs

A refund charge of twenty percent of the registration fee will be assessed for any AFP education session that is canceled as we are incurring registration and cancellation charges for each.

A registration fee for a Webinar session may be transferred to another session or archive product one time with no penalty within the same calendar year. Archive products include download and handouts for any past program (or future program that will occur in the same calendar year.)

There is no refund for the bundled priced programs. You may transfer a program one time to another program, or download. Any program or download purchased individually is priced at the $79/ member rate and $99/nonmember rate.