Email fundraising has risen in popularity by 20% over the last year alone. Effective email campaigns are more than just creative design and discussion around a cause; they are a multi-channel ticket to engaging and retaining donors. Derrick will discuss how to make an effective campaign from the importance of design, content and delivery. Derrick will also provide examples of effective email campaigns and how to create similar campaigns for your organization.

At the conclusion of this session, participants will know:
  • The importance of email design 
  • Appropriate content; the importance of telling a great story
  • Donor focus vs. organization focus
  • How to track success

  • Target Audience:
  • Fundraisers at all levels
  • Nonprofit professionals
  • Representatives from organizations with challenging email campaigns
  • Representatives from organizations who want to learn more about how to launch a successful email campaign

  • About the Presenter:

    As CEO, Derrick provides overall leadership for Achieve. He is responsible for providing strategy to clients, overseeing the creative development of client work, and leading the full execution of fundraising efforts for clients. He leads the research team on the Millennial Impact – a project to understand Millennial engagement in the nonprofit sector. When not working closely with Achieve clients, he is a speaker and author on the latest trends in fundraising, online engagement, and Millennials. Derrick is the author of Cause for Change – The How and Why of Millennial Nonprofit Engagement published by Jossey Bass.
    Program Information
    Date Presented:
    November 07, 2013 1:00 PM Eastern
    1 hour, 30 minutes
    Effective Campaigns: The Design, Content and Delivery of Effective Email Campaigns
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