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March 23, 2014
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Sunday March 23, 2014
In a 2008 study of mid-level donors to a 23 different organizations, Sea Change Strategies (with research partners Convio and Edge Research) found that middle donors (defined as those giving between $1,000 and $10,000 each year) comprised only one percent of study organizations' donor files, yet generated more than 30 percent of the income from individuals.  Like middle children, middle donor programs are often neglected by organizations. Middle donors require more stewardship than a direct marketing-based membership program is prepared to provide, but they don't generate enough income to warrant close attention from major gifts teams. The end result is lost income and a diminution of the pool of potential major donors and planned givers. As the economics of small-dollar fundraising becomes ever more tenuous, it is not implausible to view middle donors as the entry-level donors of the future. Yet few organizations have made the organizational or intellectual investment necessary to get the most out of this donor group.  

In April 2013, Sea Change Strategies has launched a major appraisal of the state of middle giving programs. We propose to report the results of that study, along with concrete practical steps organizations can take to fully capture the opportunity mid-level giving offers.  Our plan is to briefly present the findings from our 2013 study and invite a panel of experienced practitioners to comment and help identify critical lessons and practical action steps organizations should take.
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Nicholas Canedo   [ view bio ]
Alia McKee   [ view bio ]
Mark Rovner   [ view bio ]
Examine the results of the first ever comprehensive donor relations study with over 900 participants worldwide. This groundbreaking effort helps the donor relations world have bench marking statistics and keen insights to the inner workings of donor relations. The data is surprising and revealing. Areas covered are: acknowledgments, recognition, communication, gifts, policies, reporting, events and much more. We will dive into the data and find out what the trends are and where the profession is headed into the future.
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Lynne Wester   [ view bio ]
In a time where the lifetime value of our donors is everything, this workshop will present the most groundbreaking ideas, the most effective tactics and the strategies with the best results when it comes to keeping our donors loyal. Given that the best ideas of donor stewardship can come from anywhere in the globe, we want to offer a series of best practices, with love from Asia, North America, Africa, Latin America, Europe or wherever the best inspiration comes from!
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Diana Ruano Ortiz   [ view bio ]
Daryl Upsall   [ view bio ]
Did you know that most donors are lost to attrition each year? Now is the time for creative, bold and genuine steps to form meaningful relationships with your donors. Join four leading nonprofit experts for a panel discussion on the best tactics for building personal connections and driving loyalty to your organization. Learn why retaining donors is the single most important thing your organization can do!
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Frank Barry   [ view bio ]
Shanon Doolittle   [ view bio ]
Pamela Grow   [ view bio ]
Rachel Muir   [ view bio ]
Economic, demographic, and technological changes are driving a new paradigm of engagement. There's greater competition for every dollar you raise so the pressure is on to form tighter bonds with your donors and take center stage as their favored cause. Join us to learn about the latest tech trends and strategies to improve donor engagement and how they can lead to higher retention, greater giving levels, and unlock the untapped potential in your donor base.
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Michael Baldwin   [ view bio ]
Wells B. Jones CAE, CFRE
Monday March 24, 2014
This session will focus on the ultimate retention strategy – monthly donor programs, which can help you to renew 90 percent of your donors each year. Many of the ideas presented will improve your annual giving program, but our goal is to show you how to convert and retain monthly donors to dramatically increase your donors' value.  
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Harvey McKinnon   [ view bio ]
Rosemary Oliver   [ view bio ]
What if you could spend a couple of hours inside your donor's head? What if you knew how she thinks and what she thinks? Would you become a different fundraiser? You know you would. Join Leah Eustace and Scott Fortnum as they take you deeper inside the mind of the donor. Building upon their presentation made in San Diego at the 2013 International Conference with new ideas and new content, they will dive deeper into how our donor's minds work when they make decisions. You'll come away from this session with new tools and a new donor understanding. You'll never, ever see your donors the same way again. Follow the session on Twitter #AFPBrains.
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Leah Eustace   [ view bio ]
Scott Fortnum MA, ACFRE   [ view bio ]
Tuesday March 25, 2014
If you know you need to be cultivating individual donors, but you'd rather do ANYTHING else, this session is for you! You'll learn why you may feel uncomfortable at the thought of donor relationships and how to overcome it. You'll learn a simple method for building relationships on purpose, using a variety of strategies. You'll leave this session feeling much more confident about making friends for your nonprofit!
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Sandy Rees CFRE   [ view bio ]
Daniel Watson   [ view bio ]
Presentation will offer on a re-thinking of donor solicitation and acknowledgement practices and propose responsible retention and re-activation processes that will benefit the independent sector, its fundraising professionals and, most importantly, weary donors.
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Sean Riley   [ view bio ]
Sometimes a cautionary tale can be worth more than all the good advice you hear all year. We have all made mistakes in our fundraising work with donors and volunteers. Some minor and some colossal. Mike Bacon, CFRE and Chris Cheever, banker and philanthropist will share a humorous look at mistakes made by well-intentioned fundraisers. The best way to avoid these snafus is to be aware of them. Join us for a conversation that will be equally helpful to experienced professionals and beginners.
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Michael Bacon   [ view bio ]
Chris Cheever
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