A big-picture look at professional fundraising, including the important role philanthropy plays in organizations and key motivations behind why people give. Also included: the primary sources of contributions; what an integrated development program looks like and which essential components aid success; the fundraising profession as a career, focusing on key qualities for success and a basic path for personal and professional development in the field; an introduction to professional standards and ethics. 

Objectives:  After this module, you'll be better able to:

•       Explain the culture of philanthropy and the role philanthropy plays in organizations.

•       Name 8-10 key reasons people give.

•       Describe the primary sources of contributions.

•       Describe the essential components of an integrated development program and the primary purpose of each one.

•       State key qualities that every fundraiser should possess and describe a basic path for personal professional development.

•       Describe the key principles of the Donor Bill of Rights and the AFP Code of Ethics.

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December 01, 2016
AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising Module 1: Overview of Fundraising
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