To effectively raise funds for an organization's mission, it's important to have a comprehensive plan in place that articulates the organization's case for support and includes appropriate giving opportunities. This module covers the importance of connecting that comprehensive plan with the organization's overall mission and strategic plan. The module features an overview of campaign types (annual giving, major gifts, planned giving) with a focus on the key role of annual giving. Content will include establishing/ensuring that appropriate policies and procedures are in place to both ensure integrity of donor intent and to honor donors/volunteers in appropriate ways. 

Objectives:  After this module, you'll be better able to:

•       Discuss the relationship between the organization's overall mission and strategic plan and the development plan.

•       State the reasons for coordinating the budgeting and planning process of the fundraising department with that of the overall organization.

•       Define elements in background information and in the case for support that will have the most appeal to appropriate stakeholders, both emotionally and rationally.

•       Describe the essential components of an integrated development program.

•       Identify stakeholders typically affected by a development plan.

•       Distinguish the differences between and uses for annual giving, major gifts, and planned giving.

•       Describe the key characteristics of individual and group solicitations, and when each is most effectively used.

•       Define the reasons for and differences between gift acknowledgement, acceptance, and recognition policies.

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December 01, 2016
AFP Fundamentals of Fundraising Module 2: Developing an Integrated Fundraising Program
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