The New Regulatory Regime for Social Enterprise in Canada
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Nowshad (Shad) Ali, CFRE   [ view bio ]
Dr. Pauline O'Connor   [ view bio ]
Dan Overall   [ view bio ]
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Sponsored by the Trico Charitable Foundation and the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy – Canada

Social Enterprise is emerging as a mechanism of choice for many who seek strategies to achieve a combination of social and economic goals through the application of business activity. Whether it is a charity seeking solutions to rising deficits and eroding revenue generation sources while needing to address escalating mission demands or corporations seeking to apply their business activities to social goals, Social Entrepreneurship is growing in the world, North America and indeed Canada. This session will explore the findings of Dr. O'Connor's research into the evolving regulatory framework for social enterprise in Canada, with a focus on new legal forms designed specifically for social enterprises. This research; which includes an in-depth review of legislation and experience in Canada and the United Kingdom, a world-leader in this space; is funded by the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy Canada and the Trico Charitable Foundation.

Register for a presentation and discussion on evaluating regulatory changes regarding social enterprise.

Advance questions for this discussion are welcome by sending them to Lori Gusdorf, CAE, Executive Director, AFP Foundation for Philanthropy - Canada at

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September 29, 2014